Moving to Las Vegas Beginner's Guide-Making the Mental Transition

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Moving to Las Vegas Beginner's Guide-Making the Mental Transition

Jacob Orth
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This book’s intent is to help you make the transition from where you live now to living in Las Vegas. This is not a step-by-step blueprint on finding a specific place to live or finding a job. I go over those topics in this book, but it is not a “how to” guide. This book focuses more on how you mentally adjust to living in Las Vegas once you are here. Believe it or not, but doing the actual work of moving here (researching, finding a place to live, choosing a job, packing, traveling from another state, unpacking, etc) really is the easy part. I know that may sound surprising, but it’s true. The biggest struggle I see people face is not in finding a neighborhood or a job. Rather it is in dealing with the changes in this chapter of their life. When you move to Las Vegas you are essentially “starting over” in both your working life and social life. You have to construct a completely new support system without knowing a single person in town.

Throughout this book I’m going to share some ideas that will help you in adjusting to the changes that you will face as a new person in town. These are comprised partly based on my personal experience from mistakes I made in my first year of living in Las Vegas. These also come from patterns that I keep seeing in people looking to move here, and from the lifestyle that I have noticed some locals choose to live. My goal with this book is to provide you with some pieces of information that will help make transitioning to your new life in Las Vegas go a bit smoother.

Moving to Las Vegas Beginner’s Guide-Making the Mental Transition

The purpose of this book 2

Where do you want to live? 2

Switching to being a Nevada resident 3

Finding a starting job 3

Setting your expectations 4

Starting at the bottom 5

Doing what is necessary 6

Helping yourself 7

The worst thing that could happen to you early on in Vegas 7

Fighting loneliness 9

What are some good places to meet new people? 10

Your new life in Vegas 11

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