Jacob's 50 Best Vegas Tips 2019

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Jacob's 50 Best Vegas Tips 2019

Jacob Orth
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With Las Vegas making so many changes in recent years, it has become more challenging than ever for people to find those great "Old Vegas" deals that made them fall in love with Vegas. Increased parking charges, wallet-gauging resort fees and a host of other extra costs mean that travelers have to spend more of their valuable time and energy researching how to get the most bang for their buck.

This is where I come in. Inside this guide is my own Vegas tip sheet conveniently summarized in just a few pages to help you save time and money on your trip so that you can fit the most amount of fun in the shortest amount of time.

Here are just some of these things covered in this guide:

  • How to get comp rooms and buffets on the strip without spending a dollar, because who doesn't want that?
  • Which areas around the strip are the most dangerous, so that you can enjoy your vacation in safety
  • How to avoid several nickel-and-dime tactics commonly used on the strip, because you want to use money on things that are actually fun, right?
  • 15 food and drink deals that are guaranteed to fill up your stomach no matter what time it is in the day
  • How a mom and dad can get some alone time in Vegas from the little ones, knowing that they are safe (I'll even give you  couple ways to get them a free meal!)
  • Several of the most common scams targeted at ripping off tourists, so that you don't become a victim


- You are a frequent Vegas visitor on the hunt for some of the great deals Vegas offered years ago (some still exist!)

- You don't want to spend hours of your own time trying to beat the nickel-and-dime tactics that are so common now in Vegas (I've beat a lot of those for you)

- You've never been to Vegas, and feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and opinions on the best ways to spend your time on vacation (I simplify it)

- You want to maximize your time seeing as much as you can for the best value you can get with your money (I take care of that)

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